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Hiring a photographer for your Destination wedding: Where do you start?


4 tips to get the best photos at your wedding

Helpful hints for planning a perfect wedding timeline

For photography, lighting is everything, and you want your couple’s portrait session to take place during the best lighting possible, which normally takes place about 45 minutes before sunset. This is often referred to as golden hour and would be a great place to start when planning your timeline. From there, you can work your way backwards to figure out when the best time to have the ceremony is. This guide gives you an idea of the ideal time allotment for each section of the day that we typically like to spend photographing.

5 questions to ask when hiring your photographer

With so many photographers nowadays, choosing the right one may seem like an impossible task. Do you go for the one who has the most reviews, the one your friends tell you to use or do you just use the one that your venue has on a list? As a wedding photographer who is a year away from getting married, I sat down and wrote out a list of the most important questions to ask my wedding photographer. 

Morgan & LUKE | Wedding at The bridgewater

For Morgan and Luke's wedding, which took place at The Bridgewater in Carmel, Indiana, I was really excited because Morgan is my cousin! This was the first of my family members weddings that I have had the opportunity of shooting so I knew I was in for a fun and exciting day. 

Wedding | Eileen & will

When Will asked me to photograph his wedding I knew I was in for a crazy day. I had done a previous wedding where Will was one of the groomsmen and he was by far one of the craziest guys in the group. Lets just say he likes to have a good time. 
        The day started off with pouring rain and to be honest it was not looking very promising. However, the rain cleared up just in time and the sun came through to dry everything up. This wedding actually took place at the couples home and everything went off with out a hitch.